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   Eng. Moshe Gloter - CEO
Eng. Moshe Gloter - CEO

Date of birth: 20.10.1930
Place of birth: Romania
Citizenship: Israeli

Eng. Moshe Gloter Moshe Gloter was born between the two world wars in Baku, Romania, in 1930. He completed his high school studies in 1949 following the Second World War as well as engaging in diverse and fluctuating activity with the Zionist youth leadership in Romania as a member of "The Zionist Youth Organization".

In 1954, he completed his university studies as an engineer (having obtained an MA in Engineering) at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Bucharest Polytechnic, in the Sanitary Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Electricity Track.

From the time he completed his studies and until he emigrated to Israel (made Aliyah), Moshe Gloter worked as an engineer in an engineering plant in charge of planning, performance and supervision. In 1963, he came to live in Israel and, within two days, he had started working as a planner for the planning firms: Bam and M. Meline as well as firms implementing the planning, Herut and Ma'atz.

In 1971, Moshe Gloter founded his planning company, Sanit Consulting Engineers Ltd., and since then has owned and acted as CEO and Head Planner. Under his leadership, Sanit was an active partner in the planning of several national projects of the highest level.

Moshe Gloter's vision is to actively be party to the development of the State and, over the years, he has devoted his energy and his many abilities to Israel, besides planning many towns, such as: Kiryat Arba, Ma'ale Adumim, Modi'in and many of Jerusalem's neighborhoods including Ramot and Gilo. Over the years, Moshe Gloter and his company have been partners in the establishment of dozens of kibbutzim from Mt. Hermon in the north to Eilat in the south, dozens of army camps and hundreds of different security projects for Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Military Industries (Ta'as).

For someone who is not a talkative person, he is always ready with one particular saying: "Don't waste time talking when, instead, you can start new projects and build something new - the plans should be doing the talking".

With this vision in mind, Sanit Consulting Engineers Ltd., continues to operate.


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